Cosmetic Treatments


Cosmetic Treatments

Tooth whitening / Dental Bondings / Veneers / Crowns / Posts & Cores / Bridges / Implants.

1: We assess the appearance of the smile.
2: We discuss what you are most concerned about regarding your smile
3: We take photos and use our state-of-the-art smile design programme to help visualise the look that you are after.
4: We discuss treatment options available to improve your smile

If you are interested in one of the discussed treatment options and choose to explore the option further we will do radiographs and impressions to provide a “mock-up of the teeth” – also known as a diagnostic wax up to help you visualise how it will look. (A wax up/radiographs will incur a fee)



Emergency Dental Treatment

Broken tooth?  Chipped tooth?  Lost tooth?  Dental abscess ?

Emergency Dental Care is available at Blackrock Clinic Dentistry. We are the emergency dentists that care for you. If you are looking for an emergency dentist we have daily emergency appointments throughout the week.

Call now on 01 206 4218. We will cover all dental emergencies within hours. 8am-8pm Monday-Thursday and 8am until 4.30 pm Fridays.


Nervous Patients

Blackrock Clinic Dentistry is a welcoming haven for the nervous dental patient. Set in the tranquil surroundings of Blackrock Clinic, we create a relaxing environment that helps to make nervous patients feel at home in the surgery.

Our whole team are committed to providing a calming patient experience and treatment can be completed with patients feeling completely at ease in the dental chair. We have a very patient centred approach and listen and chat to everyone to ensure a trusting relationship is built between our patients and our team. We understand that some patients do have a fear of the dentist and may even feel it’s “irrational” so we encourage all patients to call us and we will ensure a dentist is available to discuss your needs over the phone before attending your appointment if this is required.



Sedation Denstistry

Dental phobia is one of the most common phobias worldwide. Does the fear of attending the dentist turn you off going on a regular basis? If the answer is yes to this then we can help by offering sedation.

I.V.: We are one of the few general dentists in the country with access to I.V. sedation in a hospital setting. We believe in an easy access approach and no waiting list to ensure no patient is left in pain. We work with a dedicated consultant anaesthetist to provide I.V. sedation to allow full comfort during treatment. The anaesthetist will ensure continuous monitoring of vital signs. This is an extremely safe procedure as it is in a hospital environment. I.V Sedation will allow you to dream while we work. You will be awake but fully relaxed and may not remember the treatment afterwards. You will wake up fresh with a healthy smile. We offer I.V Sedation at an affordable price and if you feel it will help you relax during dental treatment then contact us today to discuss.

You will need to be accompanied to and from appointments with sedation and will not be allowed to drive or handle machinery for the duration of that day.

It is advised to attend the dentist every 6 months. Do not let your dental phobia turn you off having a healthy mouth. There is always a solution, contact us today to discuss all options with one of our dentists.