How often should I get my teeth cleaned?
12 Oct 2017

How often should I get my teeth cleaned?

How often should

12 Oct 2017

How often should I get my teeth cleaned?

The answer varies. We understand that is not a definite answer but this is the truth.

Tartar and plaque form in each person’s mouth at a different rate. Obviously your oral hygiene regime at home will play a big role in this.

**As a general rule, we usually advise 6 monthly scale and polishes. We will then advise if you can become a yearly attender or need to increase your dental visits to help with your dental health.

Plaque builds up- then hardens- becomes calculus – this is the substance you see at the back of your lower front teeth- look at yours now. Calculus can build up anywhere in the mouth but this is usually the most common place.

Once plaque hardens to calculus – you will not be able to remove this with your toothbrush. This will sit on the gum and attract more plaque causing your gum to recede.

Patients can start to have calculus build up within weeks of getting their teeth cleaned.

Points to note:

**Patients with permanent retainers usually require their teeth to be cleaned every 3 months as they cannot effectively clean around the retainer without the help of the dentist.

**Patients who suffer from dry mouth usually require 3 monthly cleans as they are more prone to dental decay with less saliva produced.

**Smokers must have their teeth cleaned regularly- studies have clearly demonstrated the links between gum disease and smoking.


Good News

We are delighted to announce that patients who are PRSI qualified will receive a contribution to their scale and polish once a year from October 28th, so no excuses! Say no to halitosis and calculus!

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