09 Jan 2018

New Year, New Teeth

It is 2018,

09 Jan 2018

It is 2018, begin the year with a positive, proactive attitude.

Do you like your teeth? Do you feel you look after them as well as you should?

It is very easy to put off attending the dentist until there is a problem. It’s a new year, do not wait until that tooth breaks or you wake up with a throbbing pain. Call Blackrock Clinic Dentistry 01 206 4218 and attend for your check up now. We advise a check-up every 6 months to ensure decay or gum disease is caught early.

If you are PRSI qualified, you will benefit from a free basic examination and a contribution towards a Scale and Polish now. Call with your pps number now.

Do you floss?

Make it your new year’s resolution to floss daily

Tip: Leave your floss beside you toothbrush, if you stare at the floss enough, you may just start using it. Your tooth brush does not effectively clean in between your teeth.  Our favourite floss is Oral B satin floss (it comes in a blue box).

Would you like to have whiter teeth?

On a regular basis, patients ask us about veneers, crowns, etc to improve the aesthetics of their teeth. Sometimes by completing a simple session of bleaching your teeth can greatly improve the appearance and many patients will be delighted with this non-invasive procedure. Please see our blog on bleaching below.


Are you drinking Sports drinks, fruit juices, smoothies?

Most people try to begin the year with increasing the amount they exercise and fruit intake. It is important to know that sport drinks and fruit juices and fruit by itself are acidic. This means they can erode your teeth.

Tip: 1) Drink sports drinks, fruit juices through a straw.

2) Never brush directly after eating fruit. The acid can make the enamel softer leading to erosion of your teeth. Rinse with water or drink milk or eat cheese to neutralise the acid.


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