Help, I am Nervous of the Dentist !
24 May 2017

Help, I am Nervous of the Dentist !

Help, I am

24 May 2017

Help, I am Nervous of the Dentist !

Are you scared of the dentist? More than 50% of people are likely to answer yes. It is a very common phobia. Every day, Blackrock Clinic Dentistry deals with nervous patients.

People quote many reasons for feeling scared of the dentist… Fear of the drill, previous bad experience, etc..

These are all very reasonable fears and we do encourage patients to admit their reasons for not attending the dentist on a regular basis. We know it’s a cliché but admitting your fears will help you deal with the problem.

  • It is recommended to have a dental examination every 6months and usually people also require a scale and polish every 6months.
  • We highly advise that patients do not neglect their teeth. A small cavity in a tooth usually means that there is a lot of decay in that tooth. A cavity can lead to an infection in the tooth and then either root canal or an extraction of this tooth will be required.
  • If you are careless about your teeth then this can also affect your self-confidence and also increases the risk of damage to your general health.
  • If your gums are bleeding on a regular basis, then you need to visit the dentist. A mouth wash will not help solve the problem.
  • When teeth become infected this is often followed by a swelling. Swellings can increase very quickly constricting your swallowing and putting your health in danger.


So, you are convinced you should have your teeth looked at?

What is the next step on having dental treatment?

  • Find a dentist you can trust and chat to.
  • Book an initial consultation just to talk through your dental requirements.
  • Find out your options for sedation oral or i.v if you feel this will help.
  • Motivate yourself to have your teeth examined before the end of the month.
  • It may help to wear your ear phones during treatment.


Do not suffer a tooth ache in silence, let the dentist help.

Push yourself today and call. Say goodbye to stained teeth and hello to a smile you are proud of.

Blackrock Clinic Dentistry are specialists in treating nervous patients and offer oral sedation and I.V sedation with our consultant anaesthetists with emergency appointments available.

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