Dangers of your ‘desk-diet’
23 Apr 2015

Dangers of your ‘desk-diet’

How eating on

23 Apr 2015

How eating on the go is ruining your teeth: From popcorn to so-called ‘healthy’ smoothies, dentist reveals the dangers lurking in your ‘desk diet’

A busy working week can take its toll on our lives, leaving little time to plan our meals.

From breakfast at the desk to the mid-afternoon slump, the temptation to take short cuts and grab the nearest pick me up is too much to resist.

With so many products claiming to be ‘healthy’, it can be a real struggle to know what to pick from the shelves of your nearest high street shop.

And lurking inside many seemingly ‘healthy’ foods, are hidden ingredients that may be wreaking havoc with your teeth.

Now, Dr Sameer Patel, clinical director at the Elleven practice in London’s Harley Street, has highlighted the dentistry dangers of the ‘desk diet’.

Here, he reveals the biggest offenders, and offers advice on how to safeguard your oral health during the working day.


Dental Danger

Some breakfast cereals can contain as much as three teaspoons of sugar per serving – this is around two and a half chocolate biscuits.

Inconsistent labelling means that even the ‘healthier’ brands can also be culprits and choices such as muesli can be surprisingly high in sugars.


There is a way around this. Opt for low sugar options such as wheat biscuits or unsweetened porridge oats and if you need something to sweeten the taste go for honey or crunchy fruit.

Eating your cereal with dairy products can also counteract the damage caused by sugar and have added benefits for your oral health.

The calcium, phosphates and vitamin D in milk provides important minerals which can help improve the health of your teeth by strengthening and de-mineralising their structure.

Probiotic yoghurt can also help decrease bad bacteria in the mouth which in turn limits tooth decay and helps to promote a healthy mouth environment.

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