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Choosing A Great Family Sedation Dentist

Looking for a great sedation dentist?

What is really important?


The practice needs to be easily accessible by car or public transport to make it straigtforward to attend your appointment. They need to have opening hours to suit your schedule and allow appointments to fit into your daily routine.


You need to be reassured that you’re not going to be rushed. If you’re looking for a sedation dentist more than likely you are a nervous dental patient. The most important thing is that you feel you are being listened to by your dentist and that your worries are taken into account. If both the dentist and patient can establish good methods of communication automatically the treatment and experience becomes easier for both


If it’s sedation you’re after it is good to have options. Oral sedation- diazepam, Intraenous sedation , Intravenous sedation with an anaesthesist. These are the options availible within dentistry. All options need you to be accompanied home afterwards and you will be unable to drive, work or opperate machinery for the rest of the day post sedation. Seadion gives you the option of hving dental treatment whilst being aware but very relaxed. Intravenous sedation also has the added benefit of not being able to remember the treatment once it is completed.

The aim of sedaiton?

The reason for providing sedation for dental treatment is to make treatment easier for patients.